Ackerstein roof tile, shade 8355 Ackerstein roof tile, shade 840 Ackerstein roof tile, shade 831 Copo de firenze roof tile & South Africa side roof tile, shade 828 Ackerstein roof tile, shade 831 Copo de firenze roof tile, shade 820 Flat roof tile, shade 829
Ackerstein has manufactured concrete roof tiles since 1986, and is the only company in Israel to do so.

The company offers a wide range of concrete roof tiles in a variety of colors for a whole array of roof solutions, including ventilation roof tiles, drainage tiles for roof drainpipes, tiles for solar water heaters for deploying the solar panels infrastructure, window tiles, side tiles for the construction of tracks in gables and various sealing materials.

The tiles are made by using a special technique that compresses the concrete at high density, making the roof tiles strong, sealed and resistant to harsh weather conditions and freezing temperatures. Millions of square meters of roofs that stand strong for many years are testimony to Ackerstein's quality.