Since its inception, Ackerstein contributes many resources to develop & care for Israel's environment. The company puts emphasis on social involvement, especially in the development of special sectors of the population.
Every year, the company provides grants to students in colleges, universities & other institutions of higher education. It is our tradition to contribute grants in the name of the company's founder, Zvi Ackerstein (of blessed memory), to excelling engineering & architecture students from the Technion Institute of Technology & the Bezalel Academy of Design.

The IDF also has a special place in our hearts: Ackerstein participates in the "adopt a soldier" projects, in which it adopts one of the army's combat engineering units.
The company is constantly helping many volunteer associations throughout the country & contributes to their welfare & livelihood. Ackerstein makes donations to hospitals, sports teams, community institutions & more. (Donations made with the approval 46 A )

These are just some of the community projects in which the company is involved. Ackerstein is also active in the following channels:

Aguda Le'Maan Hachayal
Biet Hashanti
Shiur Acher Foundation
Israel's Technion Society
Israeli Friends of the Weizmann Institute of Science
& more